From The Desk of: Robert Reynolds
Date: Friday, 09 October 2015

Struggling to Make Consistent Profits?

I was too! Here's my story...


Four years of hard work - day and night. Countless hours of programming... I’ve read ALL the books on trading, statistics and psychology. I've tried it all... from the simpliest crossover strategy to the most complex signal processing algorithms, genetic algorithms and neural networks. Most of them were a total bust, some of them worked for a month or two, but not consistently.


Some strategies worked perfectly on a demo account but failed miserably on real account. If you are a trader you know the pain when you see your balance rise and then plummet hard.


I was fed up and frustrated and quit trading Forex for a while. But I don't give up easy so I kept asking myself:


Where’s the low hanging fruit in Forex? How can I easily profit from trading currencies?


Finally one morning in the shower... it hit me: I shouldn't trade currency, instead I should be buying GOLD at strategic points and take frequent profits. Then apply safe leverage and maximize the profit by smartly compounding (re-investing profits) over time to generate exponential profit!



The idea is simple: The U.S. economy is struggling with no happy end in sight. Government is broke and is printing money like there’s no tomorrow. Gold is bound to keep climbing for the next several years as investors buy gold for safety and value preservation.


Gold-Shield Strategy that I created is not a holy grail nor "get rich quick" scheme. It is a sound investment strategy that maximizes profits from rising price of gold. It has been working very well recently and based on Gold's long-term fundamentals I'm confident it will continue to work.


Keep reading and discover how YOU too CAN PROFIT from this automated strategy.


Gold-Shield Strategy Thrives on Bad News,
Economic Weakness and Wall Street Panic!

Aug 8 2011 - Wallstreet traders are losing jobs, Gold-Shield Strategy makes a big profit!

After the US credit rating AAA downgrade Down Jones crashed down by 635 points while investors panicked and turned to GOLD again seeking safety and value preservation. Gold-Shield Strategy was working hard taking quick profits and reinvesting. Gold-Shield made 21,888 pips and a profit of $2,696.28 that Monday - all on autopilot while the account owner was on a vacation, not even aware of what was happening.

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Don’t Even Think About Trading Forex
Until You Read This...


Here Are the Cold Hard Facts about Trading Forex Currencies


  • 96% of Forex Traders Are Losing Money
  • The Majority of Forex Traders Bust Their Accounts and Replenish Them 2-3 Times Before Quitting!
  • Less Than 3% of All Forex Traders Are Making the 6 Figure Incomes Promised by Most of the Expensive Programs, Systems or Books!
  • More Than 50% of New Traders Are Losing Money in 90 Days or Less!


So Why Do the Majority of Forex Traders Fail to Generate Consistent Profits—Even When Using “Forex Robots” That Were Supposed to Be “Fool Proof” Systems?

"Currency Rates Are Simply Too Random To Profitably Bet on Price Movements Over Small Time Frames while Your Broker has 3% to 10% House Advantage over You"

However, generating a 6-7 figure income trading currency on the Forex is certainly possible—but less than 3% actually attain this level of success.  These rare success stories typically fall into one of two categories:



They Live, Eat, and Breathe the Forex have big (>$1mil) accounts with access to interbank data feed and make their trades directly with banks who offer super low spreads - virtually no house advantage.


2.They hire a dedicated and highly competent Forex "insider" who has the access to interbank data feeds and can see large orders placed by large banks and anticipate price movements to some degree


If you have 40+ hours a week to dedicate to trading and have a big account or can afford to hire someone to spend that much time for you—then after a few years of trading you could make a killing trading the Forex.

But for the average retail trader and when even using “The Most Advanced Forex Robots” marketed on the Internet, the currency exchange rates are simply too unpredictable and influenced by too many factors to bet and profit from price movements in small time frames.

The truth is that currency rates are showing signs of random walk most of the time and it's extremely hard to overcome the house advantage (created by spread) your broker has over you. And that’s why more than 90% of Forex investors are losing money after just a few months of active trading!



And That’s Exactly Why the Average Person Would Be Better Off Forgetting About Currency and Should Instead Be Trading GOLD!


Gold Prices per Ounce Last 5 Years



You Think Gold Prices Have Topped Out? 

Guess Again—Leading Economic Experts Predict Gold Prices Aren’t Even Close to Topping Out and Could Climb As High As $5,000 or More Per Ounce!

See For Yourself!


Gold to Hit $5,000 per Ounce







With Economic Crisis, and the US Dollar Weakening, Gold Prices Are Only Headed in One Direction for the Foreseeable Future…

This May Be Best Chance for the Average Investor to Make Consistent, Mind-Blowing Profits…

But Only if You Are Using Our Automated Trading System Specifically Designed for Gold Trading


Gold-Shield Trading Strategy

Image: Gold-Shield Trading Strategy Product Image

Just Download, Install, and Start Trading Immediately So The Next Time You See an Account Statement Like the One Below—It Will Have Your Name On It!


Screenshot: Proof of Earnings on Gol-Shield Trading Strategy


That’s a Mind-Boggling 886% PROFIT In 2 Years Using Gold-Shield Trading Strategy—What Else Could Possibly Generate That Kind of Profit (legally, of course)?


The Answer:  Not Even Gold Unless You Were Using our Gold-Shield Trading Strategy

It’s absolutely true.  Despite gold’s skyrocketing prices over the past few years, you could never even come close to generating a 886% profit in less than two years without using the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy—not even close.

In fact, if you were to use a “Buy and Hold” investing strategy and bought $10,000 worth of gold on May 14, 2009 (same starting date as Gold-Shield Trading Strategy account listed above), then you could have bought approximately 10.78 ounces of gold bullion or coins.  Two years later, you could have turned around and sold that gold for $16,487—or a profit of $6487 amounting to roughly 65%.


65% Return On Your Investment is Absolutely Great In Today’s Economic Climate—But It Doesn’t Hold a Candle to a 886% Return for the Same Time Period Using the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy!


The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy Difference

Based upon the Metatrader 4 automated Forex trading platform, the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy is specifically designed to help the average Forex investor maximize their gold investing profits using two critical strategies:




Maximizing Use of Leverage Supplied by Broker




Strategic and Automated Compounding (strategically reinvesting profits)



These Two Critical Strategies Combine with the Proven and Powerful Metatrader 4 Trading Platform to Create the Most Advanced, Fully Automated Gold Trading System On the Market Today!


By maximizing the leverage supplied by brokers and strategic re-investing of profits, the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy quickly multiplies the gains already realized when gold prices increase—and in our opinion they are going to keep increasing for a LONG time—and help you transform a great 65% ROI into a mind-boggling, life changing 886% ROI!!


Stop Wasting Your Money In Extremely Erratic Currency Markets and Quickly Multiply Your Initial Investment Using the Most Powerful Gold Trading System on The Market Today!


Image: Gold-Shield Trading Strategy Product Image


One-Time Investment of Just $97


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Here’s Exactly Why Gold Prices Will Continue to Rise For the Foreseeable Future and Possibly Hit $5,000-$10,000 Per Ounce In the Next Few Years…


The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy is in fact a sophisticated and highly effective “Buy Only” gold investing system that can literally multiply your initial investment quickly and safely for one simple reason:


Because Gold Prices Keep Rising!


And Unlike the “.com” and Real Estate Investment “Bubbles”—Gold Prices Will Continue to Rise For the Foreseeable Future Due to the Four Undeniable Factors:



1.  Dollar in a Slow But Certain “Death Spiral”





Once the Reserve Currency of choice and the preferred financial instrument for conducting International Trade for the past 60 years or more, the dollar is already weak and getting weaker.  A number of factors are combining to effectively “Kill” the dollar and thus strengthen demand for gold.  These factors include:

  1. Government Printing Money Like No Tomorrow:  From QE2 which injected more than 600 billion “new dollars” into the economy to TARP—the US government has been printing money like there’s no tomorrow and this has the dual effect of both lowering the value of the dollar—and increasing the demand for a “safer” investment:  Gold.
  2. Massive Federal Deficit:  Statistically speaking, the larger the debt-to-income ratio, the greater the likelihood of default—and this applies to nations as well.  The US government has dramatically increased its deficit and is expected to grow it even more for AT LEAST another 5-10 years.  These mind-boggling deficits not only lower the value of the dollar but also increase the likelihood that nations and institutional investors will shun the dollar as the preferred Reserve Currency and divert more investment into gold—and thus put even more upward pressure on gold prices for years to come.
  3. Insanely Low—Even Negative—Interest Rates:  To help stimulate the economy and unfreeze credit markets, the Fed Reserve has essentially kept interest rates at or below zero for years—and they are expected to remain at these levels for the foreseeable future.  This means that people get virtually nothing for their money in a savings account and make gold investment a more appealing alternative—especially when the dollar and the entire economy are so weak.

Because the dollar is currently the world’s primary Reserve Currency, its value is inversely proportional to gold.  When the dollar is strong and the economy is doing good, gold prices tend to plummet. 

But when the dollar is weak and the economy is struggling with massive Federal deficits, record foreclosure rates, and stagnant growth after the most severe recession in generations, gold prices increase. 

And gold prices will continue to increase as the dollar weakens or until the world selects and endorses some alternative Reserve Currency. 



2.  Demand for Gold Surging in Developing Nations and Already Exceeds Traditional Supply



China, India, Brazil, and even Russia are all considered developing nations that have two critical things in common:  They have growing middle classes and a surging appetite for gold jewelry, watches, etc.

Approximately 2,500 tons of gold are mined each year for the world’s needs—that’s all needs including jewelry, industrial, etc.  Due to surging disposable income in the growing middle classes of China, India, Brazil, and Russia, the traditional gold mining output has been unable to meet demand for much of the past decade.

Initially, this gold supply shortage was addressed by recycling scrap gold which temporarily compensated.  However, recycling programs were soon not enough to compensate for the surging demand in developing nations so the shortfall in above ground use is currently being addressed with purchases of Central Bank gold.

But faced with dwindling supplies and surging demand, the Central Banks may soon limit or severely limit the amount of gold they sell to the markets. 

And when that happens—the price of gold will absolutely skyrocket as more and more Central Banks either limit or stop selling gold to cover the growing supply shortage!



3.  Supply of Gold Dwindling




Although demand would eventually drop back down to traditional levels as gold prices rose to reach the new equilibrium point in the market—there is another problem looming guaranteed to drive prices even higher:  Dwindling supply of above-ground mined gold.

A lack of investment in the exploration and establishment of new gold mines during the past decade when prices were lower literally guarantees that above ground production of mined gold will diminish in the next 3-4 years.

Simply put:  Known and established gold mines are becoming depleted and their yearly production will begin to swiftly erode as this happens.  This will create a new imbalance in the supply and demand for gold that drives prices even higher.



4. Rising Political Tensions and Economic Instability




From the debt crisis still engulfing Europe, the seemingly stalled economic recovery in the US, devastating earthquakes and nuclear disasters in Japan, and mass uprisings in the Middle East—the world is a very scary place to invest in right now.

Traditionally and in times of crisis and instability, investors have turned to two primary Safe Havens to park their money:

  1. U.S. Dollar (buy Treasuries/US Debt in return for minimal but guaranteed investment)
  2. Gold

Since gold doesn’t generate the guaranteed interest paid by US bonds and is really only a hedge against the collapse of the dollar—the US Dollar has been the preferred safe haven of choice for investors for generations.  But in times of crisis or instability, gold is always seen as the ultimate hedge against uncertainty—thus driving up prices.

But political and economic stability aren’t the only things that can drive up gold prices in the coming years…

As the dollar weakens due to underlying problems with the US economy (see above), more and more nations are talking of creating an all-new “gold-backed” Reserve Currency alternative to the US Dollar.  The creation of such a gold-backed Reserve Currency would have the combined effect of further weakening the US Dollar (thus driving up gold prices) AND driving up demand for gold!



Add Them All Up and You Are Looking At Increasing Gold Prices For the Next Several Years With Prices Potentially Reaching Up To $10,000 Per Ounce!


See What The Experts Have To Say


Gold Could Hit $10,000/oz.







Is the new “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform” going to Stop You From Generating Hudge Profits?




The U.S. government doesn’t think—it ABSOLUTELY KNOWS—that gold prices are going to continue to skyrocket in the coming years as the dollar’s value plunges.  The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Protection Act essentially makes it illegal for U.S.-based Forex brokers to offer leveraged gold trading to retail clients in precious metals after July 15, 2011.

What this means is that large, institutional investors can still reap in massive profits using gold trading—but the US government is effectively trying to block “the little guys” from doing the very same thing…


But If You’re Willing To Take the Risk, Then You Can Still Reap Massive Profits In Gold—Just Like the Big Institutional Investors!


The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Protection Act is clearly aimed at preventing U.S. citizens from trading in leveraged gold—in fact, the law makes it illegal to do so.

However and with consultation with your attorney, you can STILL generate massive profits in leveraged gold trading using the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy by finding foreign brokers who are willing to provide leveraged gold trading services to U.S. citizens.

But make no mistake:  If you are U.S. citizen residing in the U.S., it is illegal to trade leveraged gold after July 15th 2011 thanks to Mr. Barack Obama and his team. And while there are plenty of foreign brokers who will be willing to help you generate massive profits in gold—you would be trading at your own risk and in violation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Protection Act.



Is a 400% + Return On Investment In Less Than 2 Years’ Worth The Risk?  Only You Can Decide!


Don’t Miss Out On the Greatest Opportunity For the Average Forex Investor to Finally Generate a 6-7 Figure Income Using the Most Powerful Forex Gold Investing System on the Market Today!


Image: Gold-Shield Trading Strategy Product Image


One-Time Investment of Just $97


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Your One-Time Investment of Just $97 is Completely Risk-Free and Backed by Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy can be quickly downloaded into Metatrader 4 software as an .ex4 file.  Then, simply set-up your account and let the program run 24/7 afterwards—and that’s it!  The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy will begin buying Gold at strategic price points and take frequent profits to grow your initial investment in the shortest time possible!

You have a full 30 days from the date of your purchase to use and evaluate the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy.  If you are disappointed with the results or dissatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we will gladly refund every dime of your order within 2 business days or less!


But Be Advised:  The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy is NOT Designed or Advertised To Be Some “Get Rich Quick” System


The Gold-Shield Trading Strategy is a scientifically researched and fully automated wealth-building system that maximizes leverage from the broker while strategically purchasing Gold and taking periodic profits to reinvest and generate consistent profits for investors.

Although you may not “get rich” your first month, You WILL START TO GENERATE a leveraged and compounded profit while price of GOLD rises!

Month after month, the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy generates growing profits that are strategically re-invested.  A $10,000 initial position in May of 2009 would have ballooned to more than $52,000 by May of 2011 using the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy—or more than 400% profit!


You Are Just 3 Steps Away



After completing your order and processing your One-Time $97 fee, you will be provided with an eBook that will guide you step by step through setting up a real money or demo account with a broker of your choice and installing our Gold-Shield Trading Strategy on the Metatrader platform.


Set Up Your Account


System Requirements

To begin trading and generating a consistent stream of growing profits, you will need the following:

That’s it—if you can meet these basic requirements, then you will be able to quickly set up your account following the step-by-step instructions provided!


Get Started!


Once your initial set-up is complete, the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy will begin buying Gold at strategic price points and taking frequent profits to reinvest them and grow your initial position almost immediately! 


Image: Gold-Shield Trading Strategy Product Image

One-Time Investment of Just $97


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Don’t Sit on the Fence Too Long Because This Rock-Bottom Introductory Price is Absolutely Guaranteed to Disappear Without Notice—and Once It’s Gone, You Will NEVER Be Able to Purchase the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy for $97 Again!



P.S.:  Your one-time investment of just $97 is 100% Risk-Free because if you are dissatisfied with the results or the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy for any reason—you have a full 30 days to request a full and prompt refund.  So don’t delay and Order Now!

P.P.S.:  Don’t risk paying a higher price for the Gold-Shield Trading Strategy by securing your order today before the rock-bottom introductory price of $97 disappears forever—Order Now!



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